Symphony Pro gets a huge update

Here’s what’s new:

This update brings a whole new look-and-feel for iOS 7, 31 new features, and 100s of bug fixes.

This update focuses on addressing many of prominent issues, as well as providing a unique balance of flexibility, consistency, and transparency in the user interface, without affecting functionality or workflow.

All New Features

  • A globally redesigned look-and-feel for iOS 7.
  • Dozens of improvements to interface transparency.
  • A revitalized mixer panel interface.
  • The Master Track Menu, allowing you to edit reverb, swing, and other playback parameters to create a finely tuned performance.
  • 6 New instruments: Bass clarinet, Xylophone, Marimba, Accordion, an additional Pick Bass sample, and an ocarina.
  • Track-wise pan customization. Use the mixer to modify each track’s stereo balance.
  • Track-wise envelope customization. Use the mixer to modify the track’s gain envelope in real time.
  • Drag and transpose multiple notes at once.
  • Select and edit the properties of multiple notes simultaneously using the Fine Edit tool. Tap on an existing note or select a group of notes, and tap “Edit” from the selection tooltip to open.
  • From a note selection, open the Fine Edit tool to create a cross-staff beam from the original staff to the staff that is above or below.
  • Switch between different enharmonic spellings using the Fine Edit tool.
  • Set repeated accidentals.
  • When switching between concert and transposing pitch, the original enharmonic spellings are now preserved.
  • When selecting staff(s) using the copy and paste tool, you now have the option to highlight the notes under the selection. This allows you to transpose or edit the selection using the Fine Edit tool.
  • With the copy/paste menu open, you can now select all parts by tapping the corresponding tooltip option.
  • Place any number of chord symbols in empty bars or otherwise unattached to any existing note. To add them, just switch to an empty layer, tap on the chord symbol icon, and tap anywhere inside a measure.
  • Customize the positioning and shape of slurs. Positionings are preserved even if you change the layout or size of your score.
  • Cues are now available in the notehead expandable button.
  • Many new dynamics.
  • Over a dozen new articulation symbols, including tremolos, a variety of different trills, caesuras, breath marks, and paired symbols.
  • Basic support for fingerings.
  • For newly created articulations and dynamics, positions are preserved regardless of the page scale.
  • Use the Navigation Ruler to move to different sections of your project efficiently. Tap and hold the forward transport button to activate it. Tap again to dismiss.
  • In horizontal (continuous) scroll viewing mode, the clef and key are drawn automatically in the left-most measure, such that these score elements are readily visible.
  • Use the Score Colors Menu to customize the background. We will be adding support for notehead colors and a larger selection of score background colors in our next update.
  • 7 Recording quantization options.
  • Turn tuplets on or off.
  • Overdubbing support for recording using multi-voice.
  • Use SoundCloud Integration to export a selected project as a private or public audio track.
  • Use the SoundCloud export menu to share your projects via Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Addresses many crashes, glitches, and failures across virtually all parts of the app.
  • Improved sound quality.
  • To view the complete list of over 200 primary fixes, visit our support link at

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