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And a bit more Zero Input from me


A little bit more Zero Input Mixing from me. As before, here’s what I used:

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Adding a few more bits into my littleBits kit


In this short video I’ve used the slider to control the filter.

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Nice to get a mention on Discchord

Thanks Tim for mentioning my little zero input project on Discchord!

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iVCS3 TestSound0309

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Modular Synth Basics #08: Multiples

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In case you missed it from this morning, Lemur 5.0 has arrived

In case you missed it from this morning (which feels like it was a long time ago), Lemur 5.0 has arrived and it’s also 50% off right now, with the price down to $24.99.

Read the details of what’s new in 5.0 in this post from this morning.

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VFM (test)

iVCS3 new VCO for Frequency Modulation (test)

“Thank you all for the love and for the great reception of iVCS3. We are working to improve application, in response to numerous requests. The next update will be released as soon as possible.
Thanks again!
Stay tuned.”

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MeeBlip heading to Musikmesse!

So you can bet I’ll be catching up with them there.

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microGranny 2.0 – handmade granular sampler

monophonic handmade granular sampler / MIDI in, sync, crush + much more
info and buy: http://www.bastl-instruments.com/


  • monophonic mono sampler
  • microSD card (storing + recording samples, storing presets)
  • 6 sounds with full adjustments storable in a preset at once
  • 60 presets in 10 banks (6 preset per bank), stored as .txt files on microSD card
  • wav sample playback from microSD card (mono, 22050 Hz, 8 or 16 bit, two letter file name)
  • 8-bit 22050Hz wav recording via line input or onboard microphone
  • hold button
  • sample rate (tuned or free run)
  • crush
  • start, end position with repeat, instant loop
  • granular settings: grain size and shift speed (positive or negative)
  • amplitude envelope attack and release
  • MIDI Input — responds to note, cc and clock (synchronize loop and grains)
  • MIDI side chain envelope restart
  • copy, paste
  • input & output volume knob
  • power switch — plug / battery
  • hackable — arduino based
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Don’t forget to enter the Korg Gadget contest …

Korg haannounced the KORG Gadget for iPad Remix Contest, which runs from up to the 31st of March.

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