Soundmarks (universal) recorder with more

Whilst this isn’t really in the music making space, I thought it would be useful to a few people. Soundmarks has some interesting features as an audio recorder that I haven’t seen elsewhere, and it’s free with an IAP for export.

Here’s the detail:

Soundmarks is the professional grade recorder for iOS that helps you focus on the most important sections of your recordings. The start of each section is marked with a soundmark. In a nutshell, a soundmark is to a recording what a bookmark is to a book. At playback, you can jump between these soundmarks with only one tap, making it easy to listen only the things you’re interested in.

Perfect for a multitude of work, school or daily activities, including:

  • lectures, meetings, interviews, conferences
  • brainstorming, planning, patient progress notes
  • learning new languages and more

Core features:

  • three types of soundmarks, text, drawing and photo
  • create soundmarks while recording or playing
  • modify the timestamp of any soundmark
  • pause the recorder at any time and seamlessly continue your recording session later
  • at playback time, jump between soundmarks, this allows you to listen only the parts you’re interested in
  • recording/playing also works when the device is locked or the app is in background
  • universal app
  • support for the latest devices

In-app purchase features:

  • Export/Import module (Dropbox, email, iTunes)

User interface:

  • pleasing to the eye
  • simple, fast gestures to access list items
  • swipe left to right to enter delete/edit mode
  • swipe right to left or tap while in delete/edit mode to return to the original state
  • long tap to edit the contents of an item


  • full featured drawing pad with undo, redo and various brushes
  • visual grid helper
  • snap to grid

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