Keeping with the last couple of weeks I’m going to do this day by day again. I hope you like it and it makes sense. As ever, if you have any suggestions please let me know.

Anyway, here are the highlights as I see them.


  • Flying Haggis arrives to put some fun into guitar playing (video here)
  • Alchemy Synth mobile updates with Icelandic goodness and more
  • I explain how to get zero input stuff going as lots of people asked after posting this track, and yes, I will get a video done of how to do it as soon as I can


  • We have Mosaik to look forward to, it looks pretty amazing
  • Happy birthday good wishes went out to Sonoma as they turned 11





So, perhaps not quite as busy a week as before, but Musikmesse is almost on us, so I expect we’ll see a lot of new things coming up from there, and this year I’ll be there in person!

See you tomorrow for more mobile music news.

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