And it’s that time again, for the round up and the highlights from this week

Keeping with the last couple of weeks I’m going to do this day by day again. I hope you like it and it makes sense. As ever, if you have any suggestions please let me know.

Anyway, here are the highlights as I see them.


  • Flying Haggis arrives to put some fun into guitar playing (video here)
  • Alchemy Synth mobile updates with Icelandic goodness and more
  • I explain how to get zero input stuff going as lots of people asked after posting this track, and yes, I will get a video done of how to do it as soon as I can


  • We have Mosaik to look forward to, it looks pretty amazing
  • Happy birthday good wishes went out to Sonoma as they turned 11





So, perhaps not quite as busy a week as before, but Musikmesse is almost on us, so I expect we’ll see a lot of new things coming up from there, and this year I’ll be there in person!

See you tomorrow for more mobile music news.

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