Lets Play with iVCS3: Patch Design & Commentary

Video description:

“I started off trying to do a tutorial for this, but that would take hours. It’s so deep, and my efforts just became a mess. So instead I walk you through my favorite patch, and then start a new patch from scratch. The whole time I try to provide some insights and tips as I play around.”

The Clans Conversion by MikiStrange


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Musical Android on the next Caustic version

Looks like there’s more goodies coming to the already awesome Caustic 3. Musical Android tells all.

QOTD: What makes you come back to an app after having deleted it?

Sometimes an app can get superseded by another and then after a while maybe you delete it from your device, you know how it is. Occasionally though I find myself reinstalling an app after a long time for a variety of reasons. It could be a new feature added, or seeing a video of someone using it in a way I hadn’t thought about, or something else entirely. If this sort of thing happens to you, what makes you come back to an app and reinstall it?
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