My app of the week is … Audio Mastering Studio, and here’s why

This is an older track that I decided to rework on my iPad mini using Effectrix. The original track was made in Aurora Sound Studio HD. Once I’d got the main track recorded in AudioShare I then mastered using the following chain in audiobus:

AudioShare > Master FX > Audio Mastering Studio

It made me realise that there’s so much depth in these apps, depth that I just haven’t touched at all as yet. I am just scratching the surfare. Not that that’s a bad thing. It does mean that there’s loads more to get to grips with and learn.

Especially in Audio Mastering, which is one reason it’s my app of the week this week.

Something new coming from Wooji …

And there’s more to look forward to from Miki …


Is this the OP-MIX? No, it isn’t, but wouldn’t it be awesome if it was?

These are the invention of Glenn who emailed me about them and also posted the pictures on the Ohpeewon forum.

Lovely work Glenn, truly lovely. I wish Teenage Engineering would do more.

Yamaha MMS Pt6 (from Miki)

RealBeat goes back to $2.99

RealBeat has been up and down in price since it got updated. Now it’s gone back to £2.99.

Musical Android: DNP on Playing live with Android

A great piece from Musical Android on playing live with Android devices.

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