iVCS 3 for iPad a Demo and Tour Around This Amazing App

A Tour and Demo of this amazing simulation of the classic synth from EMS, the VCS 3.


Wow, that’s a video and a half … Lots of love for Tabletop in there.

A bit of idle messing around with CP1919

I recorded this a while back now but forgot to make it public. In fact I’ve found I’ve got a few like that, so I’ll be making them public over the rest of this evening …

Anyway, this is just a bit of messing around with CP1919, which is still awesome in my book.

In case you missed it from earlier … iVCS3 arrived

Just in case you did miss it from this morning, you can find all the details of the app here in the original post. I’ve just started playing with it, and it is very awesome. I can see it taking over many evenings in the future.

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