Korg Volca Beats hacks / mods – PCM , Kick and Toms mods DEMO!

Music Radar on what to expect at Musikmesse

Music radar tell us what to expect at Musikmesse this year, which I found interesting as I’ll be there. I’ll let you know what happens whilst I’m there of course, and whether or not music radar get it right.

Korg Volca Series – psy trance demo

Rheyne – Coming Soon… (Jam #100 teaser)

New things coming to TouchViz




【DEMO】KORG Little BiTs Synth Kit

QOTD: How much time do you spend making music?

Lots of us have busy lives with family and work and other stuff, so where do you fit in your music making and how much time are you able to give it? Do you find any clever ways to fit music making in around your other commitments? If you do, please share them.

Back in 2007: StompBox for Windows Mobile

This app from 4Pockets started off on the Windows Mobile platform before eventually moving over to iOS. In this post I first stumble over it and find out a little bit about it.
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