Mosaik is coming at the end of the month apparently …

I only just found out about this site / app and it looks pretty awesome. Here’s a bit of the description of the app (from the site), but the whole site is worth a look as they’re doing some interesting things.

Mosaik is an iOS App for making Auto-BPM-synced / time-warped loops. All you have to do is import your samples or songs. The App searches the audio for beat information. With the help of this information Mosaik is able to match the audio to any BPM.
And it also incorporates a high quality grain-based time-stretching engine. This means that you can now match any audio to your songs on your iOS device. Exactly like that prominent audio software you are thinking about right now 😉
Date of Release: End of March

Features at a glance

  • Audio import of samples or whole songs via iPod Library
  • Beat-Signature-Analyzer for making beat-exact loops automatically
  • High-Quality Time-Stretch Engine based on granular synthesis
  • Audiobus support

In the Future

  • Transient Detection for Attack-Phase loop-protection
  • 16×32 Slots (16 Tracks / 32 Slots per Track)
  • Built-In Effects
  • Live-Input Beat-Signature + Transient Detection
  • Much much more …

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