GrooveMaker 2 Tutorial Part 5/6 – Import Loops using Audiobus – Loop remixing app for iPad

Is it me, or did I miss part 4?

Some help and advice about AirPlay

So I finally got myself an Apple TV, for a variety of reasons which I won’t bore you with. This probably means that Apple will bring out a new version in a few days of course.

Anyway, I started to have a look around for good AirPlay enabled apps and found way too many than I can get my head around, so I thought that the simplest thing to do would be to ask you all for your suggestions for your favourite AirPlay apps. Not just music apps, but apps of any kind. Please let me know what you think is awesome.

Thanks in advance!

KORG volca – Rice Ball Lunch / BakaOscillator

Modular Synth Basics #05: Attenuators, Polarizers & Offsets

Modular Synth Basics #04: Simple Synth Voice Patch

In case you missed it from earlier, Sonoma Wire Works celebrates being 11

And to celebrate, both FourTrack and StudioTrack are on sale! Thanks Sonoma.

1960’s Stylophone Demonstration video

Just a short demonstration of a 1960’s Stylophone using the camera audio and then line out audio. These early models have no volume control and a vibrato that sounds more akin to pulse width modulation. Plus they are much bassier via line out than the speaker due to a passive low pass filter over the output.

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