Another week goes by, here are the highlights in my view, day by day

So, another week brings loads of cool stuff for the mobile music world. Here are the highlights day by day again as no one seemed to have strong feelings against this format.


  • Apple buy Testflight, or at least the company that owns the product anyway.
  • Groovemaker 2 goes universal
  • Audio Mastering 2 brings us a multiband / single band compressor and more in the latest update
  • TrakAx posts an interesting piece on Android fragmentation
  • Mogees brings an interesting campaign to kickstarter showing how to use anything to make music
  • I’d like to know if you’re going to be at Musikmesse, because if you are we should meet up
  • Gestrument brings a new site with lots of info and video, and the new version of the app has a ‘featured presets’ section too
  • If you live in Ann Arbor you can borrow an OP-1 from your local library, and everyone else in the world wishes that their libraries were as cool
  • We get some more info on the Sliver app coming soon, plus a new demo track and video too




  • Interesting site, ‘conserve the sound‘ is worth a look at (listen?)
  • Ototo has about 3 hours left at the time of writing (kickstarter campaign)
  • Musyc Pro gets some nice new features



  • Whilst there wasn’t much news I did post my zero input experiment, and yes, for everyone who asked for details on how it was done I will post these soon

So, a pretty packed week for new apps and important updates. I’m sure there’ll be more next week. See you then and enjoy what’s left of your weekend.

Last day for Reactable Mobile at 50% off

Reactable mobile is 50% off until today, the 2nd of March. The price is down from $9.99 to $4.99. Grab it as it really is very awesome indeed.

Back in 2007: MixPad on the way from miniMusic

This was big news in 2007. MixPad was the last Palm OS app to come out of miniMusic, and a great Palm app it still is.
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