KORG Gadget version 1.0.2 arrives with Audiobus and much more

KORG Gadget version 1.0.2 (code name : Milpitas)

For Professionals

  • Audiobus support (iPad Air/iPad mini Retina recomended)
  • Increased maximum bar length of clip from 8 bar to 16 bar
  • Automation parameter edit support without real-time recording
  • Arrange tracks
  • Track number support
  • Improved auto-naming function when creating a new song
  • Improved drawing capability

Enhancement of Sequencer

  • Auto scroll sequencer when dragging notes toward the edges of screen
  • Easier to change note length at the right edge of screen
  • You can now move and edit multiple notes together while maintaining their relative pitch
  • Reduce to one action to access parameters such as bar length

Enhancement of “Hybrid Design“

  • Refined “Hybrid Design“ with UI/UX experts
  • Optimized design with Function along with streamlined iOS 7 design
  • Improved animation when loading a song
  • Increased Japanese

Enhancement of “GadgetCloud“

  • GadgetCloud website version open (www.korg.com/gadgetcloud)
  • Display update date of top chart
  • Activity tab support to show your activity. Notifications now inform you when your track is liked / you are followed, etc.
  • You can now add tags when uploading to SoundCloud

Other small tweaks have been made to improve usability and stability.

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