KORG Gadget for iPad Remix Contest announced

Korg just don’t seem to let up at all these days. Now they’ve announced the KORG Gadget for iPad Remix Contest, which runs from the 28th until the 31st.

And my app of the week is …

This week it’s Effectrix. I’ve had so much fun with this app alongside SeekBeats, it’s awesome. The amount of control is staggering. I can see myself using this a lot, in fact probably too much.

Anyway, this app has far exceeded my expectations and I’m loving it.

I still think that the Ara modular phone could be a great thing for mobile music

This is an interesting piece of what Google is planning with the Ara project and some elements of it are really quite radical, or at least I think so.

When I first posted about this, when it was just Phonebloks (I think that was the name anyway) I didn’t get a terribly good response. However, I think that a modular device could work really well for mobile music. The only proviso (and it’s a big one) is that there are the right kind of modules available to put in the device, and/or third parties have the ability to produce modules for the Ara project.

So I’ll be keeping an eye on this and letting you know about it from time to time.

Sector + CubeSynth

MultitrackStudio for iPad update

MultitrackStudio for iPad gets an update. Here’s what’s new:

  • MultitrackStudio Instruments: synths have Cutoff knob, some instruments have button to disable built-in guitar amp simulators etc., so you can add you own instead.
  • Transport counter: swipe left to fully rewind, swipe right to return to most recent start position.
  • Editors: Position thumbs now snap to grid if Snap is enabled.
  • Editors: Swipe down over begin or end of selected part to zoom in. Old zoom level is restored on lifting finger.
  • Editors: Improved zooming behaviour.
  • Editors: Visual feedback on touching edge or center selected part.

Fiddlewax Blue (video)

I noticed this app the other day but didn’t think too much of it. The video makes more sense though.

Mobile Music Sequencer adds dropbox support

Mobile Music Sequencer now supports Dropbox as an export destination folder. Only a small update, but a useful one.

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