Here’s the round up from this week, enjoy!

So as always (or at least reasonably regularly) here are the highlights from the last week. I’m trying something different this week. I thought it would be interesting to see the highlights on a day by day basis. Let me know if you think it works, and if you prefer the old style, or something inbetween.

Monday (17.2):

  • An interesting video from AES with Andy Farnell talking about procedural audio
  • A date for your diary, Arduino day is on the 29th of March and it’s ten years of Arduino

Tuesday (18.2):

Wednesday (19.2):

Thursday (20.2):

Friday (21.2):

Saturday (22.2):

So, another big week this week. Lots of huge announcements and more to come next week no doubt. See you tomorrow for more mobile music goodness.

Today is the last day of the Korg sale …

So there’s just today to get stuff a bit cheaper …

Korg Gadget: Current price $28.99 including 25% off
Korg iMS-20: Current price – $19.99 including 33% off
Korg iPolySix: Current price – $19.99 including 33% off
Korg iElectribe: Current price – $9.99 including 50% off
Korg iElectribe Gorillaz Edition: Current price – $9.99 including 50% off
Korg iKaossilator: Current price $9.99 including 50% off

Find your iPad on the Apple Store.

Back in 2008: A first look at StyleTap on the iPod Touch

Of course in 2008 when this came up we didn’t know what restrictions Apple would put on apps and that any kind of emulator would be almost impossible as StyleTap is, at least in terms of the regular app store anyway. You can read the original post here.
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