Stroke Machine has a massive update

Here’s what’s new with Stroke Machine:

  • Audio Buffer Size adjustable. Setting it to higher values improves performance, which is especially helpful on older iPads.
  • Alternative skin “Subdued” with a more subtle color scheme.
  • Added Inter-App Audio. Stroke Machine can now act as a node for Inter-App Audio hosts like Garage Band, Cubasis and others. If it is active, Stroke Machine’s internal pattern sequencer is disabled and the transport buttons control the host sequencer, so Stroke Machine acts purely as a sound generator.
  • Added Virtual MIDI. Stroke Machine can now receive MIDI messages from iPad MIDI hosts.
  • When Stroke Machine is used with Inter-App Audio or Virtual MIDI, incoming channel-based MIDI messages are routed to the respective Melody Part (MIDI channel 1 to Melody Part 1, channel 2 to Part 2 and so on) rather than the currently selected Melody Part. Incoming notes between C1 and B2 are still mapped to the Drum Parts.
  • Added MIDI Clock Synchronization.
  • Added MIDI Clock Offset parameters in Clocks and Milliseconds. Adjust Clocks to compensate sync masters sending too many or too few clocks after start, adjust Milliseconds to compensate a fix latency between the sync master and the iPad audio output.
  • Added Audio Copy for your pattern or performance recordings to process them in other audio apps.
  • Added Audio Paste for samples.
  • Added Share Kit and Share Sound to share your kits or sounds via email or Air Drop with others.
  • Added FX Bus selection buttons for the currently active sound to the FX page.
  • Improved editing of linear controls (including rotary controls when set to linear control mode). Their value is now changed only vertically, moving the finger horizontally increases the resolution for finer adjustments.
  • Rotary controls in the Assign view now show if a parameter is modulated (filled indicator) or not (hollow indicator).
  • Improved performance and sound of oscillator models Sine, Triangle, Pulse and Sawtooth.
  • Empty Pattern Quick Access slots are now filled with the available preset kits.
  • Fixed kits, sounds or samples not loading after a while.
  • Fixed Pattern Quick Access not showing when a percussion instrument was selected.
  • Fixed possible crash in LFO Step waveforms.
  • Fixed problem with LFO Fade set to minimum.
  • Fixed a bug in oscillator FM causing pitch to increase for higher FM amounts instead of staying centered when using Triangle, Saw or Pulse waveforms. Please check your FM sounds and increase their oscillator frequency/frequencies if necessary.
  • Fixed loading of 24 bit samples.
  • Fixed problem that clearing a kit didn’t always clear the sequences.
  • Fixed problem and possible crash with background audio.
  • Please download the free app AudioCopy from Retronyms. It assures that your Audio Copy or Paste files keep their names and it allows to manage them.

Find your iPad on the Apple Store.

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