Seekquencer for iPhone arrives and appears to include a man in a turban (it’s free (mostly), the app that is, not the turban)

When someone uses the term “… the search for musical perfection …” in an app description, it makes me wonder just what they mean, but in this case I’m hoping that it is fairly tongue in cheek as Seekquencer is a free app, and looks like it has been built with some humour inside.

Here’s the brief description:

Seekquencer… the search for musical perfection!

Retro inspired musical sketchpad, beat maker & melody generator – create melodies, drum patterns, grooves, basslines & chord progressions, or just doodle.

  • Step sequencer with 8 – 32 steps
  • Touch, drag & draw notes
  • Choose key signature, scale, tempo, octave and more
  • Melodic mode – select a scale & never play a wrong note!
  • Drum sampler mode – touch, drop and groove
  • High quality sounds including 8bit synths, classical piano, sitar, super organ, electronic & acoustic drum kits, plus bonus arcade machine soundpack*
  • Generate random melodies with your chosen algorithm
  • Save and restore your seekquences *
  • Omja – your very own wise man to help you along the way

* requires purchase of Pro upgrade

This is the first version so many more features coming soon. I’d love to hear from you so please leave any feedback and feature requests and I will be sure to consider them for future updates.

Until then, happy seekquencing.

What’s new (although I don’t know how it can be new as the app has only just arrived)

  • Major performance improvements, especially on older devices
  • Playhead now lights up notes
  • Default tempo reduced to 100bpm
  • Minor bug fixes

Find your iPhone on the Apple Store.

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