Groovesizer RED – Bank Modes (with Korg Volca Keys)

Kits and built unit with be available very soon from

The Groovesizer RED’s 32 user locations are arranged in 8 banks of 4 patterns. There are 4 different modes for each bank:

  • Mode 1 – Loop 1: each pattern is looped.
  • Mode 2 – Loop 2: triggering pattern 1 loops patterns 1 and 2, triggering pattern 2 loops patterns 3 and 4
  • Mode 3 – Loop 4: triggering pattern 1 loops pattern 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Mode 4 – Random: the next pattern is selected at random (1, 2, 3 or 4)

The Groovesizer RED is a DIY 16-step sequencer and granular synth. It’s based on the original Groovesizer mk1 Arduino project. It features 16 LEDs (one per step), 5 potentiometers, and 5 buttons, MIDI input and ouput on 5-pin DINs, MIDI sync in and out, and audio out (mono) on an 1/8″ jack. There are 32 user locations for saving patterns and patches. Up to 4 patterns can be chained together to create a 4 bar pattern. Note entry can be quantized to one of 12 pre-defined scales. Patterns can be triggered and transposed via MIDI. Notes can also be entered via an attached MIDI keyboard.

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