DJ Player update 7.1 arrives, but there’s a warning …

A nice update as previously described, but there’s a problem with iOS6 apparently. I’m sure they’ll fix it soon. In the meantime here’s what’s in 7.1:

A new time-stretching engine, rewritten from scratch.

  • Higher audio quality.
  • No more pitch bend artifacts.

Pitch shifting for harmonic mixing.

  • Change pitch from -12 to +12 notes.
  • Replaces the keylock switch. Double-tap to toggle keylock.
  • Controllable with MIDI pitch fader too, while holding SHIFT.

Super nice scratch sound

  • And even lower latency, the best in mobile DJing.

We still care about old devices

  • Performance is better on ALL iOS devices from the iPhone 3GS.
  • Pitch shifting is available from the first iPad, with same audio quality.


  • Stability is top priority.
  • Yes, the Deezer bug is fixed too.

Find your iPhone on the Apple Store. Find your iPad on the Apple Store.

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