I was really pleased to see Korg bring their new Gadget app to the store. I was beginning to think that all they would do was release apps that were software versions of their hardware, and you could argue that Gadget isn’t too far a step from that, but it is different, and it is a departure for them, and what’s more, it’s a very good departure.

I’m really enjoying playing with Gadget so far although I haven’t made anything significant with it at all as yet. I hope to. I have a few things brewing in there. I’m really impressed with what they’ve done and how they’ve done it. It has a very simple UI that makes doing complex things very easy. It makes creating something quickly very straightforward, and I think that’s really important for any app.

So well done Korg for exceeding my expectations and probably a lot of other people’s too.

And don’t for get that Korg Gadget is on sale for $28.99 which includes 25% off until the 23rd of February.

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