Korg Volca Series (Where The Buffalo Roam)

Video description:

“This one is two Bass’ and a Beats, with an Akai MPX8 for samples. Unfortunately the camera decided to not record the session. So, personal footage from driving in the snow was used( it fits with where the samples came from, “Where the Buffalo Roam (1980)”). Openshot Video Editor was used in Ubuntu for the effects and video production.

Also as added info, the car in the video is now dead/crashed ( and this is a send off of sorts), after being in a multicar pile up this past Friday. Fotunately, it kept me safe and took all the damage for the most part(several cars had even flipped and rolled!). Where the Buffalo Roam was the last thing I had seen before the accident and became the target of samples. So, on with the music!

Also new buck rogers music on que for upload(and the video worked on that one thankfully).”

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