Looptical 1.1 brings a universal version of Looptical

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1:

  • Added Universal iPad support. Looptical is now native to both iPhone and iPad.
  • Updated the Single and Dual keyboards to include drag scrolling with scroll lock and the ability to link upper and lower keyboard scroll.
  • Added drum pad velocity. Hit left of pad for quieter sounds, right for louder. This can be combined with the existing Velocity slider.
  • Selecting a loop in the Loop Bank while playing now cues new loops to switch at the next bar, instead of instantly switching, for better auditioning of loops.
  • Added optional soft-clip filter for repeated overdubbing of an audio recording.
  • Touch or drag the Audio Track screen (or Audio Recorder on iPad) to scrub through the track.
  • Added Recording Delay value for users to fine-tune latency of recorded audio from certain external audio apps.
  • Added Phase Cancellation detection to automatically flip the phase of the right channel to compensate. This only effects a very specific guitar effects app via Audiobus when it takes Mic as input.
  • Added more opportunity for automatic project saving to occur. Now saves when selecting a new loop or accessing Mixer page if not saved in the last three minutes.
  • Fixed a very infrequent bug where the project appeared to vanish from the project list because the app was interrupted while copying data to the backup folder.
  • Fixed a bug with MIDI export where a certain MIDI time stamp delta caused the MIDI file not to be recognized by Pro Tools.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying user chord names in the Chord Guitar settings screen.

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