Sound Wand App: Jazz, Dubstep and Pure Synth Power (watch this, it’s awesome)

I think that this is a mix of the previous videos, not that that’s a problem at all, in fact I think it’s good to get a prompt to watch these again as they’re awesome.

Doctor Popular’s Kickstarter has only 2 more days to go!

It’s already passed the funding goal, but there’s still time to get in if you’ve been meaning to but haven’t got around to it.

And if you’re thinking that you don’t have a GBA, you can find them on eBay very easily (and relatively cheaply), just click below.

GBAs on eBay

New bip feature coming soon

Taken from Instagram.

… so, what’s coming?

SECTOR (fantastic app) at First Recordings

Another glimpse of SECTOR, coming soon from Kymatica

OP-1 Midi & Audio Input Reactable Live

Teenage Engineering OP-1 sending both midi and live audio to the Reactable. The OP-1’s Finger Sequencer is controlling its own internal synth and the Reactable Live samplers at the same time.

AM2: Multiband compressor. Coming soon

Here’s what the AM2 site has to say about the next release of the app:

“Now I’m testing and doing the final revisions of the new version Audio Mastering 2.1. One of main new features will be multiband compressor (with possibility to switch in single-band mode). Free update. Not in-app purchase.”

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