That was the week, here are the highlights as I see them

The round up from the last week arrives as usual. There was plenty of stuff you might have missed, so check out the highlights and I’ll see you next week for another bout of mobile music news.

New apps:

App updates:

  • iPulsaret gets a massive update, well worth checking out if you don’t have it
  • Waveboard 1.4 arrives and is very welcome indeed
  • VOSIS is now on the bus
  • Audulus 2.6 brings 3 new nodes to the excellent modular synth. There’s a video also which shows the iPhone version of the app in progress
  • Electrify NXT fixes loads of bugs but adds some new stuff too
  • Fugue gets another update in quick succession

Music to be heard for sure …

Interesting hardware stuff:

Other stuff:

  • Audeonic announce their MidiBus library

Things to do:

Things we’re waiting for:

  • Obviously Audiobus 2, but also ..
  • VividTracker, which showed us a cool video this week.
  • The new OP-1 DSynth in the latest firmware
  • Z3TA+ from Cakewalk, which does look nice
  • A new drum app called ‘Drum Perfect’, shown in this video which not everyone liked
  • Bias for iPhone is still coming
  • Something called ‘SECTOR’ coming from Kymatica, with a sound preview and one, two, and three screen shots

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