Fawm 6: Darn It! by PoD and SokPupit by PantsofDeathFawm2014


This is my first collaboration of FAWM 2014 with the every talented and wonderful Sokpupit

His stuff is over at http://ift.tt/1eATqJI;
This is a collaboration with the talented and Woolly Sokpupit who wanted to do a political track to protest the state of sock medical care.

It is a sad fact that while medical care is improving for humans in all civilized countries, and even in America, medical care for socks is almost a thing of the past. In years gone by a wounded sock could expect to be healed, or “darned”, but these days they are just left to die.
This is, in part, because of cheap socks made of artificial fibre, or “Replicants” as they are known in sock circles, and partly because of the callous indifference of humans, and also because human women have found more entertaining things to do of an evening. We hope that this will raise consciousness of the apsockalypse that is going on around you!

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