Electrify NXT goes on a bug fix-athon but there’s more in that update too

There’s loads of fixes but also some new bits and pieces too. Here’s the whole thing:

  • two-finger tap instantly stops or starts a clip
  • improved audio drop outs when leaving a clip editor
  • A clip editor can now be closed by confirming or canceling the changes made
  • Autosave can now be turned off to fiddle around with clips during a live performance not saving the changes permanently
  • Sample audition also when NXT is playing
  • several bugfixes and improvements in the sample browser
  • lower drum kit pads could not be tapped in their lower halves, fixed
  • fixed upside down midi keyboard mapping in drumkit mutes changeable while soloed
  • clip effects can be bypassed now
  • effects can be sent / unsent to next effect in drum kit clip
  • fixed a crash when loading certain samples
  • improved fx parameters and handling
  • in-sync auditioning of loops
  • Electrify NXT now is a wav-file receiver (by mail, other apps, etc)
  • Improved memory consumption
  • new effect: Gater
  • uncounted bugfixes

Don’t forget that it’s on sale too.

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