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Audulus 2.6 (video)

Audulus is just such an awesome app and it keeps getting better and better.

I was especially pleased to see a little update about the iPhone version which I know has been in the works for quite a while now.

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What’s coming …

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see …

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Audulus 2.6 arrives with new nodes

Audulus 2.6 adds three new nodes: FeedbackDelay, Mux8, and Demux8:

FeedbackDelay allows you to control where a delay occurs in a feedback loop. Because a feedback loop creates a circular dependency between nodes, a delay must be introduced. Audulus indicates where the delay is by showing a “z” on a delayed input. By inserting a FeedbackDelay node in a feedback loop, the delay will be moved to the FeedbackDelay node, allowing you to control precisely where the delay occurs.

Mux8 and Demux8 are 8-way multiplexers and demultiplexers (respectively). Mux8’s selector input (“sel”) controls which of the 8 inputs is routed to the output. Demux8’s selector input controls which of the 8 outputs receives the signal from the input. Both nodes are part of the new Switch Pack upgrade.

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Giant Isopod, Noise and Drones, Demo for iPad

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:vtol: volfram synth patch jamming

Amazing what you find when you’re looking around for things. I really like the look of this.

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"1.24.14" Behind the Scenes

“On the 30th birthday of the Mac, we directed 15 camera crews across 10 countries to capture the amazing things people are doing with the power of Apple technology. The ambitious film was shot in a single day, entirely on iPhone.”

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littleBits Guest Maker: Bilal Ghalib

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Dirty Electronics Ensemble: Ghost in the machine. Seadog and JR perform in Hong Kong

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New Music Setup Jam (Eurorack, Tinysizer, Vermona DRM-1, MPC 1000, iPad AudioShare, etc.)

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Waveboard Basic arrives and is a free version of the Waveboard app

Waveboard Basic arrives on the app store in case you didn’t want to pay $0.99 for the full version today!

Here’s what to expect:

Waveboard is an iPad app for creating musical instruments. Wire together touch pads, keyboards, oscillators, sensors, sliders, switches, speakers and more to build a synthesizer exactly the way you want it. Or choose from a wide selection of built-in instruments, from ballpark organs to spaced-out synth pads. Then mix and match components and rewire until you get the sound you crave. Waveboard is fully customizable and infinitely reconfigurable.

All components in Waveboard are polyphonic, so you can play touch pads and keyboards with up to five fingers automatically. Components are high-level, so you can build a unique and funky instrument with just a few parts.

Upgrade to the full version of Waveboard to get:

  • Fifteen more built-in instruments that use filters, trigger pads, distortion and more to push things to the next level.
  • The ability to record and save songs to solo over later or upload to your computer.

For in-depth information and support, take a look at the manual, available at http://lukebradfordapps.com/waveboard. To suggest improvements or additions to Waveboard, contact lukebradfordapps@gmail.com.


Building an instrument from the ground up means you’re as close to the music as you can get. To get an idea of the versatility Waveboard allows, explore a diverse library of built-in instruments whose sounds range from smooth to harsh, clean to funky, bright to dark, and everything in between. Customizable components allow you to tweak instruments to get what you want or trash it all and start from scratch.


Waveboard has a wide selection of components to build with, each with its own internal settings, so you’ll never run out of ways to create. There are no restrictions on how components can be connected. Multiply a drum kit by a sawtooth wave. Control a delay with the iPad’s microphone. Have a touch pad control pitch and a keyboard control distortion, and a sequencer to keep everything moving to the beat. Waveboard is designed to be as open-ended as possible.

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