DRUM 1.1 Trinity by Bastl Instruments


  • available assembled or as DIY kit
  • 5 voice polyphonic drum sample player (6th voice for metronome)
  • step sequencer
  • 32 steps / pattern
  • 5 storable patterns for each preset
  • random pattern generation
  • pattern copy / paste
  • recording from the buttons
  • erase single notes or whole pattern
  • metronome
  • jump — repeating certain step
  • tap tempo
  • auto quantize
  • 6 different drum sounds for each preset
  • 6 presets
  • mystery shuffle
  • for each sound you can adjust sample rate, time stretch, cut, distortion, volume and -sample to be played
  • global mode for tweaking all samples at the same time
  • 4 different official drum kits (lo-fi TR909, classic from DRUM 1.0, gameboy, glitch)
  • drum kits / samples can be changed by converting wave files into .h file included in the source code (by python script included in Mozzi library) and updating the software in the Atmega
  • MIDI native by side connectors, note & velocity sensitive, CC support, thru
  • MIDI connector by connecting MIDI Bastl by the side
  • stylish lasercut replacable enclosure with instrument labels
  • adjustable volume
  • mono, 16385 hz, 14 bit — double PWM sound generation
  • TRS Jack 3.5mm audio output able to drive headphones
  • powered from 9V battery or 9V positive polarity power supply (2.1 mm) or from the Trinity chain (use switch to select)
  • running Mozzi library and Bastl library for Arduino

more information: http://www.bastl-instruments.com/
buy: http://www.bastl-instruments.com/shop/

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