Back in 2011: BeatMaker 2 arrives on the app store!

Happy birthday to BeatMaker 2. It first arrived on the app store in Feb 2011.

KORG Gadget Automation Control Tutorial

VOSIS gets on the bus

VOSIS is on the bus. Here’s what’s new:

  • Improved sound quality and performance for non-retina iPads
  • Multiple Landscape Orientation Support
  • Initial Audiobus Support (please help me test!)

Aurora Sound Studio for Windows Mobile running on my Dell Axim

OP-1 “In Stereo” 3 minute Demo Song

OP-1 "In Stereo" 3 minute Demo Song

infernal grape live @ structurity (made in Jasuto)

According to this thread at the Jasuto forum it is: “My first live, entirely in Jasuto”. Excellent!

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