Video description:

This video provides a brief overview of the functionality of the Teenage Engineering Oplab, as well as direct examples of how it can be used with the TS Sensor series including the Flip, Poke and Tap Sensors. Flip is an accelerometer, Poke is a pressure sensor and Tap is a piezzo electric trigger creation device.

I show how to use Flip as a pitch modulation tool for synths, how to use Flip and Poke to trigger and change the pitch of synth notes, and finally how to use Tap to trigger both synth and drum sounds, with a section on using Flip and Tap to trigger and select sounds while playing.

These sensors are all currently available from Teenage Engineering as is the Oplab. The Oplab has far more uses thatn presented here. I hope to have more videos showing connecting external devices together with the OP-1 and to each other (sans OP-1) to demonstrate the broad scope of what it can do as a studio tool.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another one of my videos. Thanks to Tobias at TE for getting me hyped up on how to use the sensor series!

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