Better late than never, here’s what I think about Korg’s littleBits Synth Kit

I’ve had the Korg kit for a little while now and I’ve been playing about with it over a few weeks. It is in many ways a toy, something for play, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re for kids. That’s not the case at all. In fact, the korg kit is a great set of tools for trying out ideas. Add to that the fact that the kit really is tiny and it makes it a very compelling way to test ideas and build up little synth patches.

Of course, you’d expect me to have a few wishes for what I’d like to see next from this kit, and I do.

  1. MIDI: The whole thing is crying out for a MIDI module that allows you to at least send some notes into a patch. I’d settle for that. I’m not looking for CC or anything fancy to start with.
  2. Audio in: Ok, there is a mic ‘bit’ you can buy, but I sort of thing that this should have been a part of the kit from the beginning.
  3. A bigger sequencer: 4 notes is ok, but you need lots more I think.
  4. A better envelope: At the moment the envelope module is just an attack / release and that’s it, so it really needs something a bit better for shaping.
  5. An LFO: because…

So it isn’t a big list, I don’t think I’m asking too much am I?

So what can you actually do with this kit?
That’s probably the most important question. The honest answer is just have fun. The kit makes some great sounds and the actual sound quality is very high in my opinion. Aside from that it isn’t going to integrate into anything for now. However, if you’re looking for something to play with, I can recommend this.

Of course the situation may well change. LittleBits and Korg may happily make a nice MIDI module for this kit, and at that point it’ll become something very interesting indeed. I hope that’s the case as it’s just crying out for MIDI.

What’s next?
Well I hope to have a couple of audio examples available early next week so you can hear what the kit sounds like, and then you can expect more regular videos and stuff from me.

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