Brief update on what’s happening with JACK

Not a huge amount of information in this update, but it does at least say that they’re about a week away from deciding which way to go next.

jakob haQ – “Impaktoholic” (LIVE Impaktor performance on iPad mini)

jakob haQ – "Impaktoholic" (LIVE Impaktor performance on iPad mini)

Nebulous Theremin Synth arrives

Nebulous Theremin Synth arrives for iOS. Looks like it’s fun, and it’s free.

The Nebulous Theremin Synthesizer has been designed to re-create the classic sounds of a theremin, and adapted for iOS devices. Touching the screen produces a tone. Moving to the right increases the pitch, and movong up increases the volume.

ValveKing Demo Ampkit+ (iPad version)

Sonoma Guitar Jack Stage

Via Sweetwater.

Screenshot of drum perfect

Via MoMuPro.

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