SPY NUMBERS – Je M’éveille (OFFICIAL VIDEO) … play spot the OP-1

SPY NUMBERS – Je M’éveille (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Spy Numbers on Vimeo.

Mood481 on Spotify

That’s Clif from Apptronica, and his stuff is on Spotify, so give it a listen ok? You can find it here.

KORG Gadget Building A Song Tutorial

I was really pleased to see the Synthpatcher news page

Selfishly of course, but it’s nice to see. Take a look at the page here, and I really must check out this site in a bit more detail soon.

DrumJam for iPad Massive Update 2014, Demo and Tutorial

Use a bluetooth keyboard with Caustic?

Here’s an interesting piece from Musical Android on using a standard BT keyboard with Caustic. I don’t know if that’s with the Android version only or would include the iOS one. I might have to try with both.

littleBits Korg Synth Kit, with randomised filter (video)

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