Electro pack, textures and cymbals demo Drumjam v1.2

Korg Gadget Song – Maximum Velocity by Mulperi

fugue first update arrives

Here’s what’s new with fugue:

  • The app will now transmit MIDI in the background, so you can leave it playing and focus on tweaking your iOS synths! When the app loads, be sure to allow access to the microphone. Although the microphone is not used within the app, this is the permission required to allow background operations.
  • Ability to turn a channel off. Go to the “Track MIDI Channel” page and drag the track column all the way down to the bottom of the screen. The channel will display “off” at the top of the screen. When a Track MIDI Channel has been set to “off”, the corresponding columns on the other Track properties will appear dimmed.
  • Ability to turn off a note in the “Edit Sequence” page. Similarly to the ability to turn off a channel, drag the note column all the way down to the bottom of the screen. The note will display “rest” at the top of the screen.
  • Track Speed range increased from 1-240 bpm to 1-320 bpm.

NAMM 2014: Stereo Designer App Preview and Audiobus 2

Connecting littleBits Synth kit to other instruments

This is a useful piece on connecting your little bits kit to other instruments, but it’s audio only, not MIDI. I do hope they do that. Anyway, I need to get a mic module now.

Bleep Labs – 12 Nebulophone choir

12 Nebulophones into a mixer with no effects. Arpeggio rates of some linked together over IR.
Made by Thomas Fang and Cordey Lopez of Bleep Labs.

Kits and fully built units available at bleeplabs.com

Music 4.5 The Music In-app Economy, 19th Feb, London

Another useful event from Music 4.5, with some really good speakers lined up too. You can see all the details here.

Tickets are available here…using promo code PALMSOUNDS for a 10% discount

SPY NUMBERS – Je M’éveille (OFFICIAL VIDEO) … play spot the OP-1

SPY NUMBERS – Je M’éveille (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Spy Numbers on Vimeo.

Mood481 on Spotify

That’s Clif from Apptronica, and his stuff is on Spotify, so give it a listen ok? You can find it here.

KORG Gadget Building A Song Tutorial

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