[NAMM] AudioBus 2 demonstration video

littleBits Korg Synth Kit, using filter and delay

Doc Pop running a Nanoloop workshop next month, I bet that’ll be fun!

His kickstarter is already funded but it’s got two weeks to go, so you can still fund it.


That’s a nice shot of the Miselu booth, and who’s that in the middle …

Audio Mastering 2.0 demo (video)

Audio Mastering 2.0 arrives!

Here’s what’s new with Audio Mastering:

  • Fully updated 32-bit audio processing algorithms.
  • Standard and Advanced processing control modes.
  • Parametric equalizer in addition to graphic.
  • Spectrum analyzer with switching connection points.
  • Switchable crossover frequency for Stereo Imaging.
  • Additional controls for Maximizer.
  • Separate adjustment of input level reduction.
  • Improved controls for presets.
  • Compare mode for presets in each track.
  • Inter-App Audio supported.
  • New color schemes of visual interface.
  • Built-in description updated.

littleBits Paper Sequencer – Mechanical iPad Alchemy Army

Just how awesome is that!

“This project uses littleBits to sequence two circuits, the main black blocks right of the paper are running the Korg synth bits and are connected by the pulse clock on the left.

Two instruments sequenced and playing in time with each other. One is a robot playing an iPad and the other is a synth. It’s been fun working!”

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