SPOOKYZOO – Soundfont Pro – My tune for winning app. by spookyzoo


After winning a code for Soundfont Pro over at iPadMusicians facebook group, the task was to create a song and write up using that app. It’s a very cool app. It can load up 8 simultaneous soundfonts and also has the ability to split a keyboard into 4 zones and assign 2 fonts to each. I used some pretty CPU heavy fonts and pushed the limits of my iPad 4 using it in conjunction with Cubasis where I recorded all the midi data, and recorded the audio back into cubasis via Soundfont pro. EVERY sound is from SFpro, no added fx. It was my first real track using cubasis too, so much of the process was experimental. Hope it’s deserving of the promo code. Thanks to Linda over at the facebook group and to Azfar the developer. 🙂

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