DiagonaL HorizoN by JINXPADLOCK


Another instalment from my “Autumnal Downward” set. Not cheery, but trippy enough to sit through in the dark! Its heavily influenced by two movies I’ve recently seen, the amazing “Gravity” and the odd, yet wonderful “Berberian Sound Studio” Going for the dynamics and the filth. Made with iSem, CubeSynth, Thor, Nave, DM1, Cubasis, a SHITLOAD of Audiobus and Nanostudio on iOS. 2014 hasn’t started well, Noro virus, chest infection then to top the cake, a kidney infection, so its good to get these gloomy tracks out whilst still in a weird state of mind. Do not fear, I have a sleeve full of rave coming your way very soon Thanks for listening, thanks even more if you listened loud and in the dark 🙂 Pez x

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