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Fugue App Jam (video)

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NAMM 2014: Teenage Engineering OP-1 OS update

I do just love Teenage Engineering.

“A new OS update for Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 synths adds even more features to this power-packed, portable synth.”

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KORG Gadget Mobile Synthesizer Studio for iPad looks completely awesome to the point where I almost don’t believe it’s for real


The ultimate mobile synth collection on your iPad
KORG Gadget – the all-in-one music production studio

KORG Gadget offers a collection of 15 different synthesizers and drum machines called “Gadgets”, which you can freely combine to produce powerful electronic music.

A collection of fifteen Gadgets
Right from the beginning, KORG Gadget gives you 15 compact synthesizers and drum machines. Each Gadget possesses an irresistible presence and can function as the core of your electronic music productions. The parameters are carefully constructed to take you right to the sound that you want, and they’re ideal for producing all forms of electronic music. Even if you don’t play a musical instrument, no worries! Each synth offers a keyboard featuring a Scale function that makes it impossible to play wrong notes, combined with a sequencer that supports the function, Just download KORG Gadget to your iPad, and start exploring 15 Gadgets. Which will be your favorite?

Ideal track-making experience while on the go. Control two things at once
For the most part, KORG Gadget uses the vertical orientation that makes the iPad easy to hold in one hand and is the most common style of interface on iOS devices. The screen of the iPad is divided vertically in two halves, allowing you to simultaneously control two types of content-“song creation” and “sound creation”. by placing the current Gadget on the bottom of the screen while always showing the sequencing environment up top.-This ensures that your creative production flow is not interrupted. That’s all you have to know. You’ll enjoy the simple and intuitive sequencer, and experience track-making in an environment that’s been perfectly optimized for mobile use, while retaining professional quality in everything from the effects to the mixer.

Capture ideas for your songs wherever you like. An ideal choice as a second DAW
If you run out of ideas while producing a song, try taking KORG Gadget somewhere that you find inspirational, like a cafe or your living room. Then create sounds or phrases with your favorite gadget and stock up on ideas. The data you create can be exported as audio data for a variety of uses. Even if you typically use a computer or sophisticated music production equipment, KORG Gadget is an ideal partner that will inspire you from a different perspective. KORG Gadget is also an ideal choice as a second DAW that’s easy to take with you along anywhere.

Share songs to the GadgetCloud and connect to users around the world
Songs that you create using KORG Gadget can be shared on “GadgetCloud,” a music sharing site for KORG Gadget users worldwide. By exchanging songs between mobile musicians around the world, you can communicate in ways that bypass language barriers, and also improve your skill as a creative artist. This is a music production space that’s fun to use; you can submit your songs for selection as tracks recommended by KORG, enter various contents, and use the ranking system. You can also upload from KORG Gadget directly to any social networking service such as SoundCloud, Facebook, or Twitter, sending your tracks wherever you like.

GadgetCloud is based on SoundCloud, the cloud service that’s supported by creative artists world-wide. You will need a SoundCloud account.

A fusion of cutting-edge iOS technology; a mobile studio that continues to evolve
By connecting an external MIDI keyboard via the Camera Connection Kit, you can play the 15 synthesizers in Gadget from a real keyboard. A wide range of iOS music technology is also supported, including AudioCopy, and WIST.

There’s a roadmap for future updates that will add new gadgets and support audio tracks, further perfecting the system as a mobile music production studio. KORG Gadget will continue to evolve in support of serious mobile music-making.

The launch price is $28.99 which includes the 25% off.

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littleBits Korg Synth Kit experimentation

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Retro VU meters is where it’s at

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Korg Volca Bass and Keys / iPad (FunkBox app) Old-School House demo by Jordan Passmore

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littleBits Synth Kit: Random envelope & Filter mod (video)

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Reminder: Doc Pop’s Kickstarter for a bespoke GBA cart of his new album is doing well


I’ve mentioned this before but I’m really excited about this kickstarter campaign. It’s only a week or so in and doing really well.

And in the latest update it looks like the GBA Cart could be very special …

Also, if you don’t have a GBA, you can find them on eBay very easily, just click below.

GBAs on eBay

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And more roots returning …

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The Launchbox from Moldover Musical-AntiHero (video)