News from Doc Pop’s campaign …

Here’s what Doc Pop has to say:

We’ve reached 50% funding in less than a week! Thanks so much for the support! I love seeing all these new faces and would love to hear how many of you guys found me (ie Destructoid, EMSL, Tiny Cartridge, etc).

Speaking of getting the word out, please help tell your friends about the Destroy All Presets project. Not everyone has a spare GBA handy, but they can still pre-order the album for just a buck. Or get that big Monobomb digipack for $18.

Tomorrow I’ll finally be showing you guys eBoy‘s final cover art for Destroy All Presets. You guys love eBoy, right? Later this week I’ll be announcing the dates for a whole bunch of Bay Area events (including Nanoloop workshops and my ALBUM RELEASE PARTY). I’ll also try and rope you guys into a musical earworm challenge over the weekend.

For now I’ve attached a brand new video from my open mic set at last week’s 8BitSF show. The song is called Rumspringa and it was recorded by Lester Barrows, who also has a bunch more shots and videos from that night here. I’m performing it on a GameBoy Micro and a copy of Nanoloop.

Stretch Goals:

Stretch Goals: I love helping folks create their own music, so if we reach $11,000, I’ll be creating a short series of tutorial videos that will be available for anyone who wants to start making music with Nanoloop for mobile or GBA.

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