SunVox: Silence Artifacts (Phase Scope Demo by NightRadio)

v1.7.4 BETA3 (19 jan 2014):

  • extended Visualization Parameters in the Module Properties: type of the Level Meter, type of the Oscilloscope, background, shadow, etc.;
  • available Level Meter modes: OFF, Mono, Stereo, Color, Glow effect;
  • available Oscilloscope modes: OFF, Points, Lines, Bars, Bars2 (symmetrical), Stereo phase scope (Goniometer), Stereo phase scope x2;
  • default Visualization Parameters can be set in the SunVox Preferences (Main menu -> Preferences -> Modules -> Default visualizer);
  • WaveShaper: new controller “DC filter” (DC Blocking Filter) has been added; enabled by default;
  • new song examples: visualizer_demo, silence_artifacts; (see above)
  • bugs fixed.

It is available for Windows, Linux, OSX, PalmOS, Windows Mobile and Raspberry Pi.

Sunvox for iOS on the app store:

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