Miselu are bringing friends to NAMM this year, and that’s not all …

Here’s what Miselu say about NAMM this year …

For NAMM we decided to bring some friends on board. We will be joined by the great companies below at booth #1385 in Hall E. All of them will bring their latest products.

Audiobus will be showing a beta version of Audiobus 2 and new features such as running as many apps in parallel or in series as your device can handle. Multiple, independent pipelines with as many inputs, filters or outputs as you like in each. They’re also introducing a way to save presets of your connection graphs and share them via mail or your social networks. http://audiob.us/two

Holderness Media the maker of Swoopster and Echo Pad will also be at our booth and showing the new app Stereo Designer. It’s an easy to use multi-purpose stereo shaping tool for Audiobus and Inter-app Audio. You can create unique wide stereo images, “stereoize” a mono sound source, apply mid/side processing, independent high and low pass filters per channel, and more. http://www.holdernessmedia.com/

Audulus will be at NAMM with their modular audio processing app for iPad and Mac for a couple of days. Audulus enables you to build synthesizers, design new sounds, or process audio. All with low latency real-time processing suitable for live performance. http://audulus.com/

Audioforge Labs builds apps for the mobile music community, with focus on designing audio tools for iOS. Some of their apps are Equalizer, RadEQ, Reforge, Compressor and Reverb. http://www.audioforge.ca/

Quicco, a brand new Japanese music hardware startup, is going to reveal something very special for the iPad. You will have to wait until NAMM to for details though. http://www.quicco.co.jp/

Tempo Rubato might not be coming to NAMM this year, but you will still be able to see brand new and unreleased versions of Nave and NLog at the Miselu booth. Both integrating the exciting Audiobus 2 features. http://www.temporubato.com/

It should be a great show and we hope to see many of you there.

— The Miselu team

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