It’s good to see Brainwave Sequencer get an update after all this time, even if it does add support for dropbox twice. Here’s the full text of the update:

  • Search boxes are now fixed in browsers
  • Clip Browser enhancements
  • You can rename the current clip in the clip browser
  • The playlist editor will automatically scroll to the current clip when changing the clip in the clip browser and if the clip is outside of the range
  • Persistent clip browser
  • Clip info in the clip browser
  • Song Browser enhancements
  • Can now delete songs in the file browser
  • Support for Dropbox
  • Song info in the song browser
  • Sample Browser enhancements
  • Support for Dropbox
  • Can now preview samples by touching them in the file browser
  • Widgets will move to the left if too close to the right border

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