Hi this was an incredible learning experience. The idea of the contest was to use a sample provided to us by iPad Musician. It was about a minute long and it was very abbrasive and annoying!! First I took it and put it into the Audioshare app. Then I trimmed the bit of silence at the beginning. After that I copy and pasted it into Samplr BUT I didn’t end up using the track I wrote in that app as I wasn’t happy with it. Samplr is great for performance but for a recording I found it hard to create something pleasing to me. So, I went back to square one and into Audioshare. I then began taking snippets of the sample and opening them up in Nave. Each of the tracks you hear started in Nave as that original wave but using Nave’s fx and knobs and buttons I was able to change each wave into something that I felt could be used in a song. I came up with about 6 different patches from that sample. One I used sounded like an organ, another a pad and yet another a bass and then an electric guitar. I really liked making each patch come alive. I found that using delay and reverb can really do alot to change the feel, tonality and timber of that sample.I also found that changing the octave did A LOT to change the feel of the sound!! I then used Auria and Audiobus to record each track. I used the WOW plug in in Auria for one of the tracks to give it movement. I also used the Fab Filter on another and the Convulution reverb on one and the delay on another. When I was satisfied with the mix I copy and pasted it into Audio Mastering and then uploaded the finished product into SoundCloud. I hope you like it.

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