Opening Track for the KING DELUXE 023 Compilation; Release january 7th 2014. This awesome compilation is availabe for free here: After a year of lofty highs and humbling lows… humans became an interstellar species, our privacy vanished into thin air… cars flew and meteors attacked… we here at Deluxe HQ bring you a collection of remixes and originals songs, designed to celebrate the past twelve months and then leap right into 2014. We hope you enjoy it. 1. Aleph – Overheat (How Dragons Disappear Remix) 2. Alphabets Heaven – Siamese Burn (Muta Remix) 3. Metome – Paper Moon (Magical Mistakes Remix) 4. Alphabets Heaven – Birthday (Kamikaze Space Programme Remix) 5. A Thousand Years – Her Eyes 6. Option Command – Only With You 7. Julien Mier – Super Tropic Tramp (Sk’p Remix) 8. Disasterpeace – Naked 9. Fancy Mike – Superman (Silenx Rework)

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