Caustic 3 Essentials Pack 3 Demo

Storm 3003 – Fire Jam [Elektron Analog Four + Korg Volca Beats]

Turnadomatik Lemur sequencer for Turnado

Turnado on the app store:

Lemur on the app store:

More good things coming to the AUFX series


Arpist for iPhone arrives on the app store (and it’s free)

Arpist arrives this morning. Looks useful, handy, fun (free) …

Arpist is an arpeggiator designed for MIDI hardware, iOS instrument apps and use with DAWs. Arpist processes MIDI input from an external MIDI controller, iOS instrument app or from chords that you build in the Keyboard View, and generates musical arpeggios and rhythms based on your settings.

You can create rhythmic dynamics using the variable-step Rhythm Grid, in which you can create loud and soft steps, play chords for emphasis and skip steps altogether.

Arpist stores settings in snapshots, called Song Blocks. You can organize your settings across multiple Song Blocks to sequence through various patterns and rhythms while you play.

Key Signature and Transpose controls allow you to diatonically transpose your patterns, in any key, in real-time.

Advanced features include MIDI Remote Control and MIDI Clock Send and Sync. With MIDI Remote Control, you can manipulate Arpist’s controls from your keyboard, even when Arpist is in the background.

Note that Arpist is a MIDI generator, not a synthesizer. Enjoy Arpist with your favorite keyboard or iOS synth app!

I do like these littleBits things, and it looks like I’m not alone either …


VividTracker – Demonstrating AudioCopy and the auto chord feature (video)

Arturia iSEM upgrades for 64 bit and more

Here’s what’s new with Arturia’s iSEM app:

  • Support of poly aftertouch & channel pressure from external Core MIDI compliant controllers
  • Native support for new 64-bit CPUs (iPad Air & iPad mini retina)
  • Update of AudioBus SDK
  • Fixing velocity handling
  • Improving scrolling for iOS7
  • Improving Inter-App Audio & virtual MIDI for iOS7
  • Further Bugfixes

littleBits Korg Synth Kit, playing that little keyboard

OP-1st by Seth Weisfeld

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