2014: Things to look forward to, 6

With the launch of Jasuto 1.5 I’m hopeful, or perhaps a little hopeful anyway, that we might just see Jasuto Studio arrive this year. That is of course, as long as we don’t have to wait as long for it as we did for the last update to Jasuto itself.

So, what is Jasuto Studio? Well there’s not very much available on the Jasuto site. I did post this a little while ago, which I got from the FAQ:

“What’s the status of Jasuto Studio?
Jasuto Studio is still in the works. Life happens and focus gets shifted around. Know that Jasuto Studio is further along than it was before.”

So there’s hope at least. There used to be more information on the Jasuto site about what the ‘Studio’ version would be, but as far as I can tell it’s gone. So for now all I can remember is that it was going to add a lot of functionality to Jasuto and even bring some kind of scripting into the environment.

I hope it gets to us this year, but for now I’m still happy that 1.5 made it, and I’m still really enjoying using that.

Singaling, Vocal Effects Suite for iPad and iPhone, Demo and Tutorial

If you were going to focus in on just one app, which app would it be?

With so many apps around now, how do you focus in on one or a few that really fit your workflow and make sense for the kind of music you want to make? How do you make the choice? I’m really interested in knowing as I find myself jumping from one app to another and coming back to a small handful after a while just because they feel like home.

So, what works for you?

Music Hack Day Tokyo 2014 February 22nd-24th

It’s a big deal because it’s the first MHD in Tokyo, and it’ll be interesting to see what comes out and how it differs from the other MHDs that have gone before. Anyway, the details are all here.

voice bot gets a little update

voice bot updates a little by adding a microphone mute button.

Caustic Tips and Tricks 2

MIDI Thru in MIDI Designer 1.6

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