littleBits Korg Synth Kit, very first experiment

Midi Tool Box brings an update that might be useful for Line6 MIDI Mobilizer 1 users

Here’s what’s new with Midi Tool Box:

  • Bug in SysEx messaging fixed.
  • Now able to run in background while connected to a MIDI device.

Still unable to interact with Line6 MIDI Mobilizer 1, but you may be able to use Mobilizer 1 via MIDI Toolbox. An app that supports CoreMIDI and virtual ports is required.

  • Apps confirmed working:
    • Animoog, Organ+, NLog Synth Pro, ArcticKeys, SunrizerXS synth, Anaqphobia Mini, CrystalSynthXT, Sunrizer synth, Baseline, iVoxel, addictive synth, ThumbJam
    • (compatibility not guaranteed)

KORG iPolysix Make Faucet Drips from Scratch SFX 12

Video description:

Can the iPolysix make sound effects? asked a user…that question gave me the idea to include the iPolysix along with the Korg iMS-20 SFX series.

Check out from scratch the making of faucet drips along with a visual.

Having said that, I’m not entirely sure why I’d like to make that particular sound.

Nanoloop for Android gets Random function and more

Here’s what’s new for Nanoloop on Android:

  • Random function: Tap multiple times on parameter icons to randomise the pattern. Random range increases with each tap.
  • When the screen goes to standby mode, nanoloop keeps playing.
  • Improved loading of example projects in the help screen.
  • “Export loop” exports multiple patterns if pattern loop is active.

Nanoloop for Android at the Play Store.

VOSIS: Image and Video Audification / Sonification Synth for iPad

hypebot: How SoundCloud Can Move Beyond Music To Be The Sound Sharing Platform It Wishes It Was

Yesterday SoundCloud launched a new messaging system but while it adds some communication options it’s not the collaborative move forward I imagined. In fact, my own initial confusion caused me to step back and consider how SoundCloud’s user interface connects to their bigger vision. It strikes me as being at an in-between place, which makes sense, but one that’s moving towards more superficial social sharing and away from collaboration. My limited take is that this move is part of a mainstreaming process that is going in the wrong direction. SoundCloud Introduces New Messaging System The news is that SoundCloud has…

Click here for the original post from hypebot

DAFT PUNK – MIX LOUIS VUITTON 2008 (Steo Le Panda remake for Daft Club – TOUCH IT)

From the littleBits Korg Synth Kit manual, an awesome filter

In my experiments (messing around) so far, I’ve found this little filter module to be completely awesome and capable of some great squeals.

n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack Recorder gets a bunch of improvements and stuff

Here’s what’s new with n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack Recorder:

  • Improved support for USB audio devices with multiple outputs
  • Support for using both an USB device and the iPad built-in audio output as • independents outputs.
  • Which channels are enabled can be set in the Settings -> Outputs box
  • Improved MIDI clock compatibility with apps that require a virtual MIDI output such as DM1
  • Fixed rare crashes browsing Dropbox folders
  • Fixed some sliders not working in Phaser effects properties box

Clock Sync Test for ExSynth(Nexus7) + Nord Drum + QY100

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