littleBits Korg Synth Kit, very first experiment

Midi Tool Box brings an update that might be useful for Line6 MIDI Mobilizer 1 users

Here’s what’s new with Midi Tool Box:

  • Bug in SysEx messaging fixed.
  • Now able to run in background while connected to a MIDI device.

Still unable to interact with Line6 MIDI Mobilizer 1, but you may be able to use Mobilizer 1 via MIDI Toolbox. An app that supports CoreMIDI and virtual ports is required.

  • Apps confirmed working:
    • Animoog, Organ+, NLog Synth Pro, ArcticKeys, SunrizerXS synth, Anaqphobia Mini, CrystalSynthXT, Sunrizer synth, Baseline, iVoxel, addictive synth, ThumbJam
    • (compatibility not guaranteed)

KORG iPolysix Make Faucet Drips from Scratch SFX 12

Video description:

Can the iPolysix make sound effects? asked a user…that question gave me the idea to include the iPolysix along with the Korg iMS-20 SFX series.

Check out from scratch the making of faucet drips along with a visual.

Having said that, I’m not entirely sure why I’d like to make that particular sound.

Nanoloop for Android gets Random function and more

Here’s what’s new for Nanoloop on Android:

  • Random function: Tap multiple times on parameter icons to randomise the pattern. Random range increases with each tap.
  • When the screen goes to standby mode, nanoloop keeps playing.
  • Improved loading of example projects in the help screen.
  • “Export loop” exports multiple patterns if pattern loop is active.

Nanoloop for Android at the Play Store.

VOSIS: Image and Video Audification / Sonification Synth for iPad

hypebot: How SoundCloud Can Move Beyond Music To Be The Sound Sharing Platform It Wishes It Was

Yesterday SoundCloud launched a new messaging system but while it adds some communication options it’s not the collaborative move forward I imagined. In fact, my own initial confusion caused me to step back and consider how SoundCloud’s user interface connects to their bigger vision. It strikes me as being at an in-between place, which makes sense, but one that’s moving towards more superficial social sharing and away from collaboration. My limited take is that this move is part of a mainstreaming process that is going in the wrong direction. SoundCloud Introduces New Messaging System The news is that SoundCloud has…

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DAFT PUNK – MIX LOUIS VUITTON 2008 (Steo Le Panda remake for Daft Club – TOUCH IT)

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