In case you missed it from earlier, Doc Pop’s Kickstarter is for a unique Nanoloop cart

I’m really excited about this kickstarter campaign, so, in case you missed it from earlier on, here it is again.

Also, if you don’t have a GBA, you can find them on eBay very easily, just click below.

GBAs on eBay

LoAdKer… Demo and Tutorial for iPad

Circuit Bend CHEATING (video)

Video description:

By using Audiobus with vintage keyboards you no longer have to re wire a keyboard to get new sounds. Yes I now it’s not real circuit bending… but it’s a cool way to use old keys like the Casio SK-8 in the video.

From the littleBits Korg Synth Kit manual, the keyboard

It’s fair to say that it’s only a very basic keyboard and it’s really just a series of switches set out like a keyboard. But having said that, it works, and it works well.

Doc Pop’s new kickstarter is here!

Here it is! It’s amazing, a whole Nanoloop cart filled with Doc Pop’s new album!

From the littleBits Korg Synth Kit manual, random wins every time

The random module is really handy. It’s easy to forget just how useful noise and randomness is in making synth stuff.

VividTracker & Audiobus (video)

This video demonstrates how to record a drum pattern from VividTracker to Cubasis on the iPad using Audiobus. The drum pattern is then used as a loop and repeated a number of times. VividTracker is an Amiga Protracker compatible music app for iPhone and iPad. It will be released in January 2014 on the App Store.

Caustic running on Nexus and iPad Mini

Really interesting interview with John Richards from the Dirty Electronics Ensemble

As a big fan of the Dirty Electronics ensemble I was pleased to see this, and it’s well worth a read too.

Ribbon Strips: New Feature for MIDI Designer 1.6

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