VOSIS for iPad arrives

A new synth for your iPad that’s a bit different from the regular synth apps. Certainly looks interesting.

VOSIS is a synthesizer that uses scanned synthesis of greyscale image pixel data from photos or live video input. It is also a tool for image audification/sonification and visual music performance.

Visit http://www.imagesonification.com for technical details and demo video.

  • Simply touch anywhere on an image to play sounds with the ADSR envelope
  • Toggle LOOP and double-tap to add a looped region
  • 6 voice plyphonly (3 touch regions and 3 looped regions)
  • Press IMG to select new image from photo library
  • Press CAM to use live video and toggle between front and rear cameras
  • PAN toggle enables stereo panning depending on horizonal image position
  • LEVEL modifies the brightness of pixels and MASK is a level bit-reduction
  • CUTOFF provides low-pass and high-pass filters
  • THRESH filter is useful to accentuate differences between image regions
  • SCAN RATE changes the ammout of time corresponding to an image region
  • BACKGROUND controls the opacity of the source image, no effect on sound
  • Double-tap the upper-right corner to show/hide the GUI
  • VIBRATO uses the accelerometer’s roll to modulate frequency
  • REVERB toggles a Lexicon emulation reverb mix and decay
  • TUNING creates major or minor chords with multiple touch voices
  • 2 finger left/right and up/down gesture control of filters anywhere on screen
  • Projector output for instant visual music performance

VOSIS = Voice of Sisyphus Image Sonification

It’s priced at $1.99.

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