Here’s what’s new with MIDImorphosis – Polyphonic Audio to MIDI Conversion:

  • Version 2.1 adds dual MIDI interfaces; switch between different sets of synths quickly and easily. Each MIDI interface can connect to multiple synths, with the ability to transpose the notes individually.
  • A new MIDI split feature allows you to play two different sets of synths on different note ranges — play a thick synth bass line with notes from the lower range, and a sharp lead synth on the upper range. The split point can be set anywhere you like.
  • With a MIDI foot controller or a MIDI keyboard, the new version supports turning on or off audio conversion, either of the two MIDI interfaces, fretboard split, pitch bend, polyphonic mode, and audio input channels.
  • Pitch tracking is slightly faster and more accurate, through refinements to both the mono and polyphonic algorithms.
  • Version 2.1 also uses the updated Audiobus library.

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