0110 [disquiet0106-sonarvortex] by mysterybear


My first Disquiet Junto submission for 2014 (and my first one for too long). This project has us take a visualization of the weather in one’s local area, and use it as a graphical core. My process: – Use the Awesome Screenshot extension in Google Chrome to clip the image from the WeatherSpark site. – Open the image in GIMP. Transform it by inverting the colors and posterizing. – Imported the image to Virtual ANS, a program that can convert image into sound. Tweaked the ANS parameters until I was satisfied with the result, and exported it as a WAV file. – Imported the sound into Audacity. Added a little silence to the end, applied some EQ ro boost the bass, applied a simulated plate reverb, adjusted the amplitude, and exported as an MP3. Additional notes: – I decided to prepare the image before submitting it to Virtual ANS because it would allow the graphical elements to emerge more starkly. – There is an artifact at the end the track resulting from the ANS process; I decided to keep it as it seems to work as a coda. – The weather data came from the Silver Ranch Airpark in Jaffrey, NH, US, which is one of the weather stations closest to Peterborough, NH (where I live). – The Flickr set shows the original captured image and the altered image: http://ift.tt/1dlROmH — More on this 106th Disquiet Junto project (“Treat the weather as a graphically notated score”) at: http://ift.tt/1d4XUpC More on the Disquiet Junto at: http://ift.tt/1jNoOb1 Join the Disquiet Junto at: http://ift.tt/ZU8hbL

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